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2017/2018 SEASON


For Rental Information contact:
Shirnette Ball at 561.651.4221 or
Kathleen Hansen 561.651.4322


DREYFOOS HALL – 2195                                                 Per day rental rate

Commercial*                                                                                            $16,518                           Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge
Commercial off peak rate (5/1-6/30)*                                12,389                         Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge
Commercial off peak rate (7/1-9/30)*                                 8,259                          Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge
Not-for-Profit*                                                                            14,020                        Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge
Not-for-Profit off peak rate (5/1 –6/30)*                            10,515                      Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge
Not-for-profit off peak rate (7/1-9/30)*                              7,010                        Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge
Educational Program (morning – 1 Performance)**        5,777                        Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge***
Educational Program (morning – 2 Performances)**      8,253                            Plus $3.50 per ticket surcharge***
Dreyfoos lobby (only)                                                                   6,774                      No ticket surcharge
* +50% rent for each additional performance on same day
** Event must be completed by 12:00 noon
*** If ticket prices are less than $10 dollars
then surcharge is $1.20 per ticket

RINKER PLAYHOUSE – Capacity – 250-300

Commercial                                                                                                 $1,354                        No ticket surcharge
Not-for-profit                                                                                                1,079                       No ticket surcharge
Two performances – same performance/same day         single day rent         No ticket surcharge

Included In The Rental Fee:
Box Office Services, House Management, Internal Security, Existing Sound and Lighting Inventory.

Not Included in the Rental Fee:
Stage Labor, Extraordinary sound/lighting equipment rental, Props, Ticket Processing fee, Insurance, Sales Tax, Ticket Surcharge, Police Officers for traffic control and preferred lobby security, Piano/Piano tuning, Spotlights, Royalty Fees.