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Kravis-On-The-Road takes arts education programming into the classroom and into the lives of many students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience live theater.

Made possible in part by the Dreama Foundation LLC

Charlotte Blake Alston
Come Tell with Me!
Monday through Friday, September 25-29
Performance Length: One hour
Recommended Grade Levels: K-2
Suggested Curricula: Language Arts, Music

For hundreds of years throughout the African continent, people gathered and told stories.  The tradition was the strongest in the West African countries of Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and Mali where history was preserved and is still passed down orally through the words and music of the griots or jalis.  Stories were the way the beliefs, mythology, cultural identity, history and shared community values of a people were taught.  The tradition continued when Africans were brought to America. This program of African and African American stories and songs, geared for the youngest story listeners, includes lots of audience participation.  Come ready to clap, sing and help tell stories!

Kuniko Yamamoto
Magical Mask, Mime and Music of Japan
Monday through Friday, October 9-13
Performance Length: One hour
Recommended Grade Levels: K-2
Suggested Curricula: Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Visual Art

Charming folktales are combined with traditional musical instruments, magical masks, origami and mime to create storytelling that will have students fully engaged. The stories are carefully selected to portray the culture and moral perspective of Japan. Students are encouraged to compare Japanese and American tales, arts and cultural elements during a lively question and answer session.

…And Called it Macaroni
Monday through Friday, October 23-November 3
Performance Length: One hour
Recommended Grade Levels: 3-8
Suggested Curricula: American History, Music, Social Studies, Theatre

What if a silversmith named Paul Revere gave you something that could change the world forever?  What would you do?  Well that’s one of the questions you’ll answer when you experience…And Called It Macaroni!, the inventive play with music from StoryMakers.  Join us for a fun and exciting look at the American Revolution as we tell stories to make you laugh, to inspire you and maybe teach you a thing or two  about how our exceptional nation came to be.  So come on. Revolutionize your life!

The Inventors’ Magic Key
Monday through Friday, December 4-8
Performance Length: One hour
Recommended Grade Levels: 3-8
Suggested Curricula: Social Studies, Science, Theatre

Billie has a science project coming up. She has to invent something and she just can’t figure out what to do. Besides SHE HATES SCIENCE. What could she invent? She’s just a kid. Suddenly a bumbling wizard appears, following a magic key. It seems this key shows up at just the right moment in history to help inventors in their hour of need. So begins a journey through history, from the invention of the wheel to, well, you’ll see. But along the way we’ll enjoy the company of Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison as we explore the fascinating people and events surrounding some of the world’s great leaps forward.

Holiday Traditions
Monday through Friday, December 11-15
Performance Length: One hour
Recommended Grade Levels: K-5
Suggested Curricula: Language Arts, Social Studies, Theatre

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