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The Kravis Center plays host to thousands of schoolchildren each year, many of whom are making their first-ever visit to a performing arts center. To maximize both the entertainment and educational value of each performance, it is essential that the students understand and exercise proper theater etiquette. The catch-22, however, is this: How does a student know what is expected of him or her if that student has never before attended a live performance?

To help answer that question and provide a road map for proper theatre etiquette, the Kravis Center enlisted the help of ArtsCamp 2002 participants to produce a professional, entertaining 10-minute “short” (written by Los Angeles-based screenwriter Doug Cooney) that covers proper etiquette as it relates to attending a live performance at the Kravis Center or anywhere else.

Titled Kravis Rules!, the video has been distributed to all elementary school media centers in Palm Beach County at no charge, with the provision that it is shown to students prior to attending a S*T*A*R Series performance at the Kravis Center. ArtsCamp 2002 was sponsored by Charles and Andrea Bronfman of Palm Beach, and the video project was underwritten by a grant from the Keenan Family Foundation of Palm Beach. Additional support was also provided by Avanti Video Productions of West Palm Beach to help defray some of the production costs.

For more information on the Kravis Rules! video, please call the Kravis Center Education and Community Outreach Department at 561.651.4251.