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Kravis Expansion

The Kravis Center is expanding!

Our expansion project has begun and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020. Among the many exciting changes, we will be expanding the Dreyfoos Hall Lobby, implementing new technology throughout and adding a brand-new valet garage. Here’s a peek at the project:

New valet garage
As we continue to expand the Kravis Center experience, we are excited to share with you a rendering of our brand-new valet garage. By relocating our valet operation, the new garage will reduce traffic congestion, increase safety and improve traffic flow in and around the center. It will be located on the east side of the building on the site of the former Amphitheater, allowing cars to easily enter and exit from Sapodilla Avenue.

Computer model of the Kravis Center's new valet parking garage

Outdoor pedestrian-friendly urban plaza
The Center’s new park-like urban space will give guests easier access to the Center, whether walking from area hotels, the Convention Center or CityPlace. The pedestrian-friendly area will feature expanded sidewalks, and a bike path and a lovely waterfall fountain, welcoming pedestrians and bicyclists and better integrating the Kravis Center into the urban fabric of
the city.

Computer model of the redesigned front of the Kravis Center

Expanded lobby space and additional restrooms
The Center’s iconic façade glass curtain will be pushed outward, adding 6,000 square feet to the Dreyfoos Hall Lobby, which will provide more room for guests and reduce wait times at the bar, bistro and other service areas. Once expanded, the lobby will include additional seating and restrooms and will better accommodate guests before and after shows, as well as during intermission.

New entrance/exit ramp to self-parking garage
To improve traffic flow in and out of the garage, and offer guests an easier way to access the fourth and fifth level of our garage, the Center will add a new dedicated entrance/exit at the fourth level. This additional ramp will reduce congestion in the garage as a whole.

Artistic rendering of Cohen Pavilion


New interactive marquee and artistic wrap around the main garage
The Kravis Center will improve its visibility and identity by adding an interactive marquee with audio and video elements on the southwest corner of  the property at Tamarind Avenue and Okeechobee Boulevard. This new marquee will help make the Center more recognizable to residents and visitors alike. An artistic wrap will beautify the main garage on the Tamarind Avenue/Iris Street corner side, helping guests to better locate the Center and integrating the garage into the expansion project.

Computer model of the new wrap on the current Kravis Center parking garage

computer model of Okeechobee Marquee Corner

New advanced technology throughout the Center
The Center will implement new technology throughout to include:

– Closed-circuit video monitoring of the garage and the entire campus, improving security
– Update all marketing, Box Office and other public information technology
– Install a barcode system for tickets for ease of entry and improved security
– Add electronic way-finding and parking assistance for the revitalized main garage
– Add additional security screeners at venue entrances


Who will design the project?
Leo A Daly, an internationally recognized, award-winning architecture, engineering, planning, interior design and program management firm was selected to design the project.  The firm is consistently ranked among the top design firms in the world and boasts a diverse portfolio that includes world-class projects in more than 91 countries, all 50 US States and the District of Columbia.

The Wantman Group (WGI), a national consulting firm providing land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, transportation and parking solutions with Corporate Offices located in West Palm Beach.  The firm has offices throughout the US and provides a comprehensive range of infrastructure services.

Who will undertake the construction?
The Weitz Company,
a full-service general contractor, design-builder and construction manager with offices throughout the US will oversee the project.  Operating in Palm Beach County since 1978, Weitz has a deep history with the Kravis Center, having completed seven previous projects at the facility. They include the original Kravis Center Parking Garage, the Cohen Pavilion expansion, a complete façade replacement and numerous repairs to the facility following Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

What is timeline for the project?
Construction of this project began in May 2018 and construction is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2020.

What is the cost of the project and how will it be funded?
The Kravis Center Board of Directors unanimously approved a $50 million capital campaign.  The Kravis Center owes its growth, financial stability and overall success to the ongoing support of the community.  In this regard, the Kravis Center’s history of fundraising success in the community is second-to-none.  It has earned the reputation as one of the most successful fund-raising organizations in the country.

More information about navigating the Center during the expansion project

For more information about the Kravis expansion, call Diane Bergner at 561.651.4332 or Kimberly Kiely at 561.651.4273.