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Road Show Productions Presents
Sole Surfer
A Play of Honor
By Charles F. Carlino

Nov 11, 2017 | Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Playhouse

CAST; A one act, two actor, drama with narration.
A story that runs the full gamut of emotions, to a place of hope and healing.
Running time; One hour ten minutes, no intermission.
Background Sound track. Simple set design, Special effects,


When does war end?
The peril of armed conflict amongst people
Never really does for those involved.
And who is not involved when it comes to war?
Residual images remain and find various ways to manifest.
Bayonets, bows and arrows, mustard gas, mushroom clouds, indifference.
The very real baggage of war is scars, both visible and not.
Scars that rarely, if ever, heal.
For once a soldier faces battle, memory seldom fades completely.
Gunfire and death or courtrooms and juries.
Different wars – Same stories. All are affected. And infected.
Salvation comes in many forms.
Joseph A. Gianni, Esquire. Marine Corp. Veteran Survivor.
This is his story. And ours.



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