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Kravis Classroom Connection

Kravis Classroom Connection being shown on laptop near red curtains.

To ensure we can continue to provide students with engaging and enlightening performing arts experiences, the Kravis Center has created KRAVIS CLASSROOM CONNECTION. This brand-new, innovative virtual series will offer prerecorded presentations for teachers and students to view from a designated district-approved streaming platform. Each presentation will be available up to a week and will include two live Q&A sessions with one or more members of the company. Registration is required, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

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layered projections, Miwa Matreyek creates an emotional, dream-like meditation on climate change and the anthropocene

September 21-25, 2020
Miwa Matreyek
Recommended Grade Levels: 4-5
Further pushing her medium of layered projections, Miwa Matreyek creates an emotional, dream-like meditation on climate change and the anthropocene – the proposed current era where human influence has effected almost all realms of earth’s natural systems. Miwa’s shadow traverses macro and micro scales, as her silhouette shape-shifts to experience the world from various perspectives. An earth overflowing with trash. A person drowning in a plastic filled ocean. A school of fish caught in a trawling net. The work will be an emotionally impactful, embodied illustration of the complex harm humanity causes to the world, and what it might mean for all of us — humanity, as well as other life, and the earth itself — to be living now in this changing world.
Suggested Curricula: Visual Art, Science, Technology
Standards: VA.4.C.1.1, VA.4.C.1.2, VA.4.O.1.2, VA.4.S.1.3, VA.5.C.2.2, VA.5.C.3.3, VA.5.H.1.2, VA.5.O.1.3, SC.4.E.6.3, SC.4.P.10.1, SC.5.L.15.1

Miwa Matreyek Performance Guide

girl watching a science experiment grow before her eyes.

OCTOBER 5-9, 2020
Page Turner Adventures
Recommended Grade Levels: 2-5
The infamous Mad Scientist, DR. LOBOTO wants to create the ideal STEAM TEAM. Kenny and Page know just where to find a group of kids with a passion for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART and MATH…the audience of course! The audience must answer questions, perform experiments, solve riddles and prove they’re ready to be part of Dr. Loboto’s STEAM DREAM TEAM.
Suggested Curricula: Engineering, Math, Science, Technology
Standards: SC.2.P.8.2, SC.3.P.10.1, SC.3.P.10.2, SC.4.P.8.1, SC.5.P.10.2, SC.2.N.1.2, SC.3.N.1.2, SC.4.N.1.2, SC.5.N.1.1, MAFS.K12.MP.1.1, MAFS.K12.MP.5.1
Sponsored by the Helen S. and Merrill L. Bank Foundation

NUMBERS DON’T LIE: THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW MATH HAS CHANGED CIVILIZATION. Character kids by projection screen excited.

October 14-16, 2020
Stages Productions
Recommended Grade Levels: K-5
When two failing math students, Algie & Bray take a trip to an enchanted museum, anything can happen. (song-Endless Possibilities) After falling behind their tour group, the kids stumble upon an old broken-down exhibit called “The Brain.” The premise is that you can ask the Brain any question in the world and it will answer the question using math. Curious about the exhibit, they try and get it to work, but to no avail so they start to leave. Suddenly, in a whiz bang flash, the brain comes to life and the excitement begins! Weaving in the 5 basic strands of elementary mathematics, this multi-media musical proves how throughout civilization, math has led the way in every facet of our history. (title song-Numbers Don’t Lie) Filled with fun audience participation songs like “Pollution Solution” and “The Tap Measure”, Algie & Bray can’t wait to get back to the classroom and share their new-found knowledge. In the rousing finale, “Math Rules”, the students learn that from sports to science, medicine to music, math is necessary in every part of our lives.
Suggested Curricula: Math, Theater
Standards: MAFS.K12.MP1, MAFS.K.CC.1, MAFS.1.CC.1, MAFS.2.CC.1, MAFS.3.CC.1, MAFS.4.CC.1, MAFS.5.CC.1, MAFS.K.OA.1, MAFS.1.OA.1, MAFS.2.OA.1, MAFS.3.OA.1, MAFS.4.OA.1, MAFS.5.OA.1, TH.K.C.1, TH.1.C.1, TH.2.C.1, TH.3.C.1, TH.4.C.1, TH.5.C.1, TH.K.F.3, TH.1.F.3, TH.2.F.3, TH.3.F.3, TH.4.F.3, TH.5.F.3

3 actresses smiling and embracing each other, wearing bright colored tops.

October 19-23, 2020
New Heritage Theatre Group
Recommended Grade Levels: 5-12
Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom tells the inspiring, true story of Lynda Blackmon, who celebrated her 15th birthday on the Selma to Montgomery march in 1965. Jailed nine times before the march and badly beaten on Bloody Sunday, Lynda and her neighbors fought alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to secure the right to vote for African Americans. She believed that “a voteless people is a hopeless people,” and put her life on the line, non-violently, to prove that anyone can change history no matter how young or powerless they seem. The show features an ensemble of African American actor-singers who bring the 1960s to life on the stage through the soul-stirring music of the Civil Rights Movement.
Suggested Curricula: African American Studies, Social Studies
Standards: SS., SS.5.A.1.2, SS.5.C.2.3, SS.5.C.3.5, SS.7.C.2.5, SS.7.C.3.6, SS.8.A.5.8, SS.8.C.1.6, SS.912.1.7.9, SS.912.A.2.5, SS.912.A.3.5, SS.912.A.5.10, SS.912.A.5.7, SS.912.A.7.5, SS.912.A.7.6, SS.912.A.7.7, SS.912.A.7.8, SS.912.C.2.6, SS.TH.68.H.2.2, SS.8.C.1.5, TH.912.H.2.7, TH.912.H.2.10, TH.5.0.E.W, TH.68.C.2.4, TH.68H.2.2, TH.68.H.2.3, TH.68.S.1.4, TH., TH.912.H.3.1, TH.912.H.2.10, TH.68.O.3.3, TH.912.O.2.5, TH.68.H.2.7, TH.912.C.1.3, TH.5.C.2.4, TH.68.H.2.8, TH.912.H.2.8, TH.912.H.3.5, TH.5.S.1.3, TH.68.S.3.4
Sponsored by Irene and Jim Karp

Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom Performance Guide

October 26-30, 2020
Recommended Grade Levels: 3-8

Billy hates science. But she has to invent something for her 6th grade science project. Suddenly a bumbling wizard appears following a magic key. So begins a journey through history, where we’ll meet Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and more as Billy finds out why the key shows up just when it’s needed most.
Suggested Curricula: Science, Social Studies, Theater
Standards: SC.3.P.10, SC.4.P.10, SC.5.P.10, SC.6.P.10, SC.7.P.10, SC.8.P.10, SS.3.A.1, SS.4.A.1, SS.5.A.1, SS.6.A.1, SS.7.A.1, SS.8.A.1, TH.3.C.1, TH.4.C.1, TH.5.C.1, TH.6.C.1, TH.7.C.1, TH.8.C.1
Sponsored by the Helen S. and Merrill L. Bank Foundation

The Inventors’ Magic Key Performance Guide

November 2-6, 2020
SACAGAWEA (Westward Go! Excerpt)
Recommended Grade Levels: 2-8

Come explore with President Jefferson’s famous Corp of Discovery as Lewis and Clark try to find their way West to the Pacific Ocean. Along the way we’ll meet the brave York, Captain Clark’s African American “manservant”; and the incredible young Indian woman named Sacagawea, whose bravery and ingenuity help save the day!
Suggested Curricula: Native American Studies, Social Studies, Theater
Standards: SS.2.C.2.5, SS.A.2.1, SS.2.A.2.2, SS.2.A.2.3, SS.5.A.3.3, SS.5.A.6.6, SS.5.A.6.1, SS.5.A.6.2, SS.8.A.3.3-8, TH.2.C.1.1, TH.2.C.3.1, TH.3.C.1.2, TH.4.C.3.1, TH.5.C.2.3, TH.68.S.1.1, TH.68.C.1.5, TH.4.F.1.1, TH.4.F.1.2, TH.5.F.1.1

Westward Go Performance Guide

I Am Sacagawea Teacher Guide

November 9-13, 2020
Recommended Grade Levels: 5-12

Germany, 1937. Twelve-year old Elfie Hoffmann has noticed that things have been changing around her but she doesn’t think the changes will affect her. However, on the day before Christmas Eve, Elfie’s best friend brings her a gift that has unexpected consequences, and Elfie discovers the importance of family, even as the Nazis take away everything she loves.
Suggested Curricula: Holocaust Studies, Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater
Standards: LAFS.K12.L.2.3, SS6.W.1.6, SS.912.A.6.3, SS.912.H.1.1, SS.912.H.1.3, SS.912.H.1.5, SS.912.H.2.1, SS.912.H.2.2, SS.912.H.2.4, SS.912.H.2.5, SS.912.P.16.11, SS.912.S.2.6, SS.912.W.7.8, TH.68.C.2.4, TH.5.F.1.1, TH.68.F.1.1, TH.68.H.1.2, TH.68.H.3.6, TH.68.O.3.3, TH68.S.1.1, TH.912.F.1.1, TH.5.H.2.1, TH.5.S.1.2, TH.5.S.1.3, TH.5.O.3.2, TH.68.H.1.2, TH.68.H.1.5, TH.912.C1.3,TH.912.H.1.1, TH.912.H.1.5, TH.912.H.2.2, TH.912.H.2.5, TH.912.H.2.8
Sponsored by Irene and Jim Karp

Taken Away Performance Guide

Live, interactive Q&A Session with the artist/company members via Google Meet on November 13. Space is limited.

Step Afrika dance troupe on stage.

November 16-20, 2020
Recommended Grade Levels: 3-12

Based on Step Afrika!’s award-winning arts education programs and more than 25 years of performing and teaching students, the Company will create a 5-part experience for educators K-12 that will introduce them to the history and tradition of stepping.  Step Afrika! is the world’s first professional company dedicated to the tradition of stepping—a polyrhythmic, percussive dance form that uses the body as an instrument.
Suggested Curricula: African American Studies, Dance, Social Studies
Standards: SS.3.C.2.5, SS.4.C.2.5, SS.5.C.2.5, SS.6.C.2.5, SS.7.C.2.5, SS.8.C.2.5, SS.9.C.2.5, SS.10.C.2.5, SS.11.C.2.5, SS.12.C.2.5, DA.3.C.2.1, DA.4.C.2.1, DA.5.C.2.1, DA.6.C.2.1, DA.5.C.2.1, DA.6.C.2.1, DA.7.C.2.1, DA.8.C.2.1, DA.9.C.2.1, DA.10.C.2.1, DA.11.C.2.1, DA.12.C.2.1, SS.912.H.1, SS.912.H.2

Step Afrika! Performance Guide

Women speaking with microphone

November 20-25, 2020
Recommended Grade Levels: K-2
TAHIRA enthralls students with her tickle-your-funny-bone tales and delightful sing-along songs in her assembly (LOL) Literacy Out Loud. Delivered in her signature high-energy style, TAHIRA captivates young audiences with stories rooted in the oral tradition of the African Diaspora. The interactive program utilizes stories and songs to teach literacy skills, as students join in the performance through call-in-response and engaging Q&A woven into the fabric of the stories.
Standards are: LAFS.K.SL.2.4, LAFS.K.SL.2.6, LAFS.1.SL.2.4, LAFS.1.SL.2.6, LAFS.2.SL.2.4, LAFS.2.SL.2.6

Teacher Guide for TAHIRA

November 30-December 3, 2020
Recommended Grade Levels: 3-12

Black Violin is led by classically trained string players Wil B. (viola) and Kev Marcus (violin). Joining them onstage are DJ SPS and drummer Nat Stokes. The band uses their unique blend of classical and hip-hop music to overcome stereotypes while encouraging people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds to join together to break down cultural barriers. In the past year alone, the band has performed for over 100,000 students in the US and Europe, and has partnered with Yamaha and NAMM (National Association of Music Manufactures) to continue supporting music education. Black Violin has recently joined with Turnaround Arts, alongside artists such as Yo-Yo Ma and Elton John to bring arts education to struggling schools in underserved communities. Turnaround Arts is a program of the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts founded by President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.
Suggested Curricula: Music
Standards: MU.3.C.3.1, MU.4.C.3.1, MU.4.H.1.1, MU.4.H.1.3, MU.4.H.2.2, MU.5.H.1.1, MU.5.H.2.2, MU.5.O.3.1, MU.68.C.1.3, MU.68.C.3.1, MU.68.H.2.3, MU.912.C.1.1, MU.912.H.1.1, MU.912.H.1.4, MU.912.H.2.2, MU.912.F.1.1

Black Violin Performance Guide

December 7-11, 2020
Syracuse Stage
Recommended Grade Levels: 3-12

In the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, young Annie Easley knows she can be something more. In this true story of dreams, hardships, and self-determination, Annie becomes one of the first African American human computers at NASA. Initially working on airplanes, she soon realizes her destiny is to be on the team of mathematicians that launch the Centaur Rocket into the Space Race. COMMANDING SPACE: THE RISE OF ANNIE EASLEY AND THE CENTAUR ROCKET is an important story about a persistent and intelligent woman whose desire to succeed in science and technology proved stronger than the prejudice that would have denied her.
Suggested Curricula: African American Studies, Science, Social Studies
Standards: SS.3.A.1.1, SS.3.A.1.3, SS.5.A.1.1, SS.8.A.1.7, SS.912.A.2.5, SS.912.A.5.10, SS.912.A.7.5 SC.4.E.5.3, SC.5.E.5.1, SC.68.E.5.9, SC.912.E.5.7

Live, interactive Q&A Session with the artist/company members via Google Meet on December 11. Space is limited.

very special resident of Earth’s satellite, Rocky de Luna, an inquisitive moon rock.

February 15-26, 2021
Palm Beach Symphony
Recommended Grade Levels: K-12
Over fifty years ago, a brave American man stepped out of a landing craft onto the surface of the moon and made history. With the help of the Demetrius Klein Dance Company and four exciting pieces of all-American music, Palm Beach Symphony brings that indelible moment of Milky Way magic to the stage through an interactive concert in which students will literally take part in exploring such scientific concepts as the Earth’s rotation, gravity and telescope viewing. All this while thrilling to a powerful Copland fanfare, the soaring themes of Star Wars and sharing the adventures of a very special resident of Earth’s satellite, Rocky de Luna, an inquisitive moon rock.
With a special narrative accompanied by the music of Copland’s A Lincoln Portrait, students will meet Rocky as she hitches a ride with two friendly NASA astronauts on the Apollo 11 lunar module en route back to planet Earth. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin show Rocky some out-of-this-world views of the moon, help define the moon’s place in the solar system, describe how the moon affects all life on Earth…and leave Rocky with a sense of wonder and pride in her “rockdom”!
Suggested Curricula: Music, Dance, Science
Standards: MU.K.C, MU.1.C, MU.2.C, MU.3.C, MU.4.C, MU.5.C, MU.68.C, MU.912.C, DA.K.C, DA.1.C, DA.2.C, DA.3.C, DA.4.C, DA.5.C, DA.68.C, DA.912.C, SC.K.E, SC.1.E, SC.2.E, SC.3.E, SC.4.E, SC.5.E, SC.6.E, SC.7.E, SC.8.E, SC.912.E
Sponsored by J.M. Rubin Foundation

ONE SMALL STEP Teacher Guide

Interested in 4th grade pre/post concert workshops? Visit

Live, interactive Q&A Session with the artist/company members via Google Meet on February 19 & 26. Space is limited.

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