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 Executive Committee
(In alphabetical order by last name)

List complete as of May 22, 2015

Zachary M. Berg,  Co-Chair
Credit Suisse Securities (U.S.A.) LLC

Cory Valentine, Co-Chair

Hector Alzate
First Republic Bank

Rachel Azqueta
Neiman Marcus

Zachary Brinkman
J.P. Morgan/Chase

Cristina Ciolacu
BMO Private Bank


David Darby

Kristin T. Demeritt
Cohen, Norris, Scherer, Weinberger & Wolmer

Debra Elmore
A.K. Consulting

Dr. Barry A. Frankel, O.D.

Jose Fregoso

Brent Fykes

Alan Gallardo
Larmoyeux & Bone, Trial Lawyers

Stephanie Glavin
Bank of America

Zachary Hungate

 Bradley Hurston
Sabadell Bank & Trust 

Travis Husk
Tiffany & Co.

Joshua M. Koenig
SBA Communications Corporation 

Dr. Andrew H. Krinsky

Adriana Luchechko

Loretta Neff
The Elegant Way Foundation

Patricia Romeo
Jaguar Palm Beach, Land Rover Palm Beach, Aston Martin Palm Beach

Jarrod Schilling

Deborah Searcy

Aaron Seitz
U.S. Bank, The Private Client Reserve

Catherine Shaw

David Silvers

Hollywood Media Corp.

Kevin Sloane 
Ocean Via Realty

Bill Stellway
Hardrives, Inc.

Eddie Welch
Broad and Cassel

Melissa Wilson
Technomic, Inc.

Gaida Zirkelbach

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