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Performers from Spotlight of Wellington Performing Arts Studio bring this Hans Christian Anderson story to life fusing music, dance, and song.  Anemone, an adventurous little mermaid, leaves her undersea realm for a sixteenth birthday excursion to the surface.  She hopes to find the prince of her dreams, whose statue she has found.  Accompanied by her friend, Clem Clam, they begin their quest.  But a jealous Sea-Witch threatens Anemone. The Sea-Witch magically conjures up a storm, which sinks a ship carrying the prince.  Anemone dives into the waves to save him, but not before she has been tricked into trading her voice to the Sea-Witch.  Come journey under the sea to watch local theatre and dance students as they perform.  Patience, love, and friendship solve this delightful family friendly show. 

$25 -Floor
$15 -Riser


Spotlight of Wellington
The Little Mermaid
Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Playhouse

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