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The film tells the story of the Tuskegee experiment, a U.S. Federal Government secret medical experiment on poor African Americans in the years 1932-1972, designed to study the effects of untreated syphilis. The story is told from the perspective of the small town nurse Eunice Evers (Alfre Woodard) who is well aware of the lack of treatment, but feels her role is to console the involved men, many of whom are her direct friends.

This represents the eighth season for the African-American Film Festival. Producer, James Drayton, teams up with the Kravis Center to bring another series of films to audiences this spring.

Helen K. Persson Hall $10 per night or $25 for the entire festival, click here to learn more.


African-American Film Festival
Miss Evers’ Boys: Based on the True Story of the Infamous Tuskegee Experiment
The Case for Dramatization
Host: Mitchell Dasher II
Helen K. Persson Hall

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