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A hundred years ago, in communities across the U.S., white residents forced thousands of black families to flee their homes or face death. Even a century later, these towns remain almost entirely white. By investigating this sad and little-known chapter in American history, Banished takes a contemporary look at the legacy of racial cleansing. Through conversations with current residents and the descendants of those whose land and livelihood were stolen, the film raises the question of responsibility for past wrongs and what is involved in righting them.

This represents the eighth season for the African-American Film Festival. Producer, James Drayton, teams up with the Kravis Center to bring another series of films to audiences this spring.

Helen K. Persson Hall $10 per night or $25 for the entire festival, click here to learn more.

African-American Film Festival
Banished: American Ethnic Cleansings
The Case for Dramatization
Host: Miss Evers’ Boys: Based on the True Story of the Infamous Tuskegee Experiment
Helen K. Persson Hall

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