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Staff Listing


Judith A. Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer


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JUDITH A. MITCHELL, Chief Executive Officer
Charles R. Williams, Executive Assistant
M. Susan Malenda, Receptionist/Clerk Typist

Diane A. Bergner, Senior Director of Development
Thalia E. White,  Director of Development Operations
Kenneth E. Cooper, Executive Assistant
Margaret May Damen, Planned Giving & Endowment Officer
Julie Hetherington, Sponsorship & Corporate Partners Officer
Talya Lerman, Development Manager
Nancy Urban, Development Coordinator
Carolyn Wathey-Lee, Major Gifts Officer

W. Lee Bell, Senior Director of Programming
Brian Ridolfo, Programming Manager
Kathleen Hansen, Executive Programming Administrator
Sharon McDaniel, Regional Arts Programming Associate
Shirnette Ball, Contracts Manager
Karen Farruggia, Sales and Services Coordinator

Community Outreach
Vanessa Young, Director

Tracy C. Butler, Director
Keena Gumbinner, Education Associate
Alison Rehm, Education Associate
Miranda Hawkins, Education Assistant

Marketing & Public Relations
Linda Bryant Birdsey, Director
Brandon S. Newman, Marketing/PR Associate
Cody DeCarlo, Marketing/PR Assistant
Ilene Arons, Project Administrator

Gin Blische, Marketing/Programming Associate
Ashley Douglass, Marketing Manager
Coreen Gottschalk, Production Manager
Teri Reid, Group Sales Coordinator

Box Office
Maria I. Quesada, Director
Kristy Ruffner, Subscription Sales Manager
Jeffre Wrye, Ticketing Operations Coordinator
Diane Brunn, Supervisor
Teleishia Holland, Supervisor
Sage Lehman, Supervisor
Marta Roche, Supervisor
Myron Edwards, CSR/Training Coordinator
Pat Bussinger, Customer Service Representative
Joanne Cancelo, Customer Service Representative
Kevin Casteel, Customer Service Representative
Eve Howell, Customer Service Representative
Regetta Thomas, Customer Service Representative

KYLE F. ROBERTS-RUGE, Chief Financial Officer
Lorraine Henry, Controller
Deborah Viggiano, Human Resources Manager
Beth Foster, Human Resources Assistant
Carolyn Allen, Accounting Assistant
Sylvia Gomez-Finley, Accounting Assistant
Cathy Durbin, Finance Assistant
Steve Ray, Mail Services Coordinator
Dianne Krause, Gift Shop Manager

Andrew Segaloff
Senior Director of Information Technology and Analysis
Larry Blische, Senior Analyst
Mame Burkett, System Analyst
Bonnie Cillo, Programmer/Analyst
Benjamin Cuningham, Application Developer

James P. Mitchell, Chief Operations Officer
Richard Cillo, Director of Facilities
Maureen Gardella Director of Guest Services
Richard Brightwell
Parking Manager

Diane Marie Budziak, Executive Assistant
Jeff Lamb, Technical Director
Biaggio Cangiano,  Audio/Visual Production Manager
Rick Gonzalez, Supervisor
Diego Sacchi, Supervisor
Diane Carlton, Coordinator
Melinda Gallant, Backstage Coordinator
Efrain Chura, Technician
Miguel Ferreira, Technician
Jonathan Glassman, Technician
Moises Hernandez, Technician
Robert Hye, Technician
Derek Jones, Technician
Keith Kohrs, Technician
Chris Pennington, Technician
Kurt Putzig, Technician
Gregory Ram, Technician
Ami Reid, Technician
Jamey Rigg, Technician
Victor Russo, Technician
Andy Spiccia, Technician
Al Tonge, Technician
Sara Villar, Technician
Eric Winn, Technician
Todd Wymer, Technician

House Management
Karole Cooney, Event Manager
Priscilla Crespo
, Event Manager
Armund Dezii, Event Manager
Dalhia Perryman, Event Manager
Paul Kaufman, Event Manager

Owen Duncan, Director
Cardinal Nesbitt, Supervisor
Roy Shy, Supervisor
Ray Williams, Supervisor
Claude Bramwell, Security Officer
Peter Brooks, Security Officer
Ivor Bruce, Security Officer
Justin Bunch, Security Officer
Miguel Carmona, Security Officer
Roy Dixon, Security Officer
Craanley Louis, Security Officer
Jason Morrison, Security Officer

Custodial Services
Abraham Antinori, Supervisor
Melba Alban, Supervisor
Yonel Bernard, Custodian
Celia Camposeco, Custodian
Juan de la Cruz, Custodian
Marie Deslourdes, Custodian
Coribel Flores, Custodian
Guillermo Gallego Viana, Custodian
Ivet Gonzalez, Custodian
Elva Guillen, Custodian
Ona Patton, Custodian
Jorge Paz, Custodian
Jorge Pena, Custodian
Calvin Wilbon, Custodian

The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts extends its sincere appreciation to our volunteer corps of over 700 wonderful people. Without their assistance the show would not go on, and we are grateful for the many hours and valuable talents which they share so generously with the Kravis Center.

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